Connective knowledge (Week 2): It is the organization, stupid!

This second week of the Connectivism course brought to me what is one of my basics questions in Networks Science. If a human mind can know and if a mind is basically a network, then any network can come to know? Seems that the network organization with its structure and dynamic is what makes possible to know.


The brain responds to environmental demands, generating, creating, strengthening, weakening, losing and eliminating neural connections. So mind is a construct which is distributed from the brain to the environment (Kerr). Plasticity is intrinsic core feature of the brain.


When something impacts a network, the connections between the objects in the network change. And this results in storage of information. Learning results of integrating all information perceived and processed that leave a physical trace of its passage, generating new network organization patterns.


But how language, which is another specifically human cognitive function dedicated to communication (and thinking), has also a role in developing knowledge?


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