CCK08 – Week 5 – Groups and Networks

Groups and networks

Groups and networks

This concept map sumarizes the discussions on groups and networks. It highlights what groups and networks are, require and emphazise. I preferred of talking on groups and networks instead of groups vs. networks, because it will be very unprobable to find excluding environements where groups exists without networks and viceversa.



2 Responses to “CCK08 – Week 5 – Groups and Networks”

  1. Sarah Stewart Says:

    Thanks for the diagram – it has really helped visualize groups and networks. I still struggle to see the difference which is why I cannot see how a network can become a community of practice.

  2. jcrom Says:

    Sarah, thanks for your comment. I feel very confortable drawing concept maps. They convey a lot of sense with a very small amount of words.

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