CCK08 – Week 9. Towards a Network Centric Education (NCE)?

Rita Kop and Adrian Hall in their paper, Connectivism: Learning theory of the future or vestige of the past?, conclude that a paradigm shift may be occurring in educational theory, and a new epistemology may be emerging, but this is not enough to make connectivism a separate learning. However, the authors recognize that connectivism plays an important role in the development and emergence of new pedagogies, where control is shifting from the tutor to an increasingly more autonomous learner.

It is sure that the education practice is being influenced by Internet, web2.0 and other ITC tools. The center role of the teacher may be shifted towards a centreless education model. Same will happen with educational structures, organizations and administrations. Or, should we talk about a Network Centric Education (NCE)? In this new environment, students will search, discover and create information and knowledge by participating and appropriating for themselves tools, technologies and networks. Even at the concept level, the same structure and dynamic learned in networked environment will easily be replicated.

Nancy White, of  Full Circle Associates, identifies that the emerging roles and practices that this landscape brings could be described as follows:











So the question would be, what are the changing roles for educators based on the connectivsm theory?



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