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CCK09 – Week 1

September 21, 2009

This is my comment on Week 1 of CCK09, Connectivism and Connective Knowledge on-line course of University of Manitoba. As a former student of CCK08, seeking for updating concepts and recreating learning experiences while flowing in the chaos, I will try not to repeat myself and recommend you all, to revisit my last year comments on this same blog. In the meanwhile, I will try to polish my own personal learning environment that would defy the existing canonic model.  All suggestions will be very much appreciated.

Networks are everywhere, says Lazlo Barabasi. And everyone agree now on this. And learning theory and pedagogy would not ignore the chance of participating in this hip. Connectivism is its name. Learning as a connective phenomenon. Knowledge as a distributed character.  A participatory pedagogy that engages in co-creating.

Nodes and links are basic elements of networks, in its most infant epistemology stage. As in classical netownian physics, compared to relativistic or quantum physics. The separation we need to make between nodes and links is convenient, but it hides a more nonlinear and complex phenomenon. Links and nodes should be considered as parts of same entity. Like irregular membranes. In the meanwhile, let’s use what we have and understand: networks. And lets us them to push the knowledge of knowledge and learn on learning a bit.

See you next week.