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Week 3 – Networks, networks, networks…

October 1, 2008

The discovery of hidden patterns shows great regularities in the Universe. For example, inner structure of Internet, information linkage in the web, people interaction in social networks. A surprising bridge in between local properties or individual actions and the resulting collective interactions.

The structure and dynamic of the system is determined by the collective interactions of all of its constitutive parts, and at the same time, it’s individual behavior are framed by the topology and dynamic that emerges.

This take us near getting the answers to understand the stability of large ecosystems in nature to present fluctuations of financial markets.

 In the last years, psychologists, biologists, mathematicians, physics and other scientist have shared their observations and built a new epistemological space that we could call the new science of networks. A new theoretical perspective that provides tools to physicists to battle against epidemics, engineering to prevent fails in cascades in large interconnected systems like the power grid or visionary economic analysts that anticipate financial meltdowns.

We had built tools that allow us to graph and view these connections between nodes. We begin finding hidden laws that govern the formation, growth, evolution of these networks.

Kant argued that time and space are the natural and irreducible categories of mind, way how we perceive reality. A reality that manifest itself also as intricate networks.

Stability, synchronicity, self similarity, threshold, cascades, epidemics, emergency, resiliency, keystones, phases, connectors, evolution, clustering are some of the new way of seeing and thinking the world.  A simpler world that connects very diverse phenomenon, entities and realities.  A world that needs to learn on networked thinking.